Fall Mini Shoots - Logan Circle Philadelphia


Join us for Fall Mini Shoots Saturday October 20th, 2018 at Logan Circle Philadelphia

It is tradition every fall that Monica Ayers Photography hosts Fall Mini Shoots. For many this is a chance to grab a few shots of family, pet or loved one(s) for a holiday card or to hang that perfect shot on the wall to celebrate the joys of this chapter in life. This years back drop is stunning Swan Fountain in the heart of Philadelphia. Each photo shoot is 200.00 for 20 min and 5photos that are professionally edited, processed, and high resolution. Click Lets Talk, to book your time slot today!

Monica Ayers Photography is also offering full Photo Sessions that fit your unique story. In these shoots we find a location and time that is perfect for you. These sessions render many included digital photos along with museum quality prints that will not fade and are just stunning. Click Lets Talk for more info on Portrait Collections.

Olivia’s Senior Photos - Penns Landing, Philadelphia

Oliva is a Senior who is bursting with excitement for her final year of High School. As an artist & Photographer Olivia chose a brilliantly bright & diverse back drop for her Senior Photos, Penns Landing. This Conestoga High School Sr. loves photography so I was honored to work with her finding the most beautiful light as we took photos around the river, park and night lights. Every Senior should have a bucket list for their last year of High School. Olivia is well on her way to accomplishing that list. First thing on her list this fall was the Made In America Festival! For Oliva the fun of finishing well is off to a great start! Olivia, you are a talented, beautiful and brilliant young women! Cheers to your Senior year!

Monica would love to talk with you about Photographing your Senior Year or your Senior’s final year of High School through a unique and creative shoot. Click here to start a conversation!

First Day of School - Center City Philadelphia

All at school... after the flurry & madness of getting out the door to the first day I felt overwhelmed. As my fur baby & I walk I felt the wave of emotions of summer adventures discovered & now over, my kids stepping into the city with more freedom & me happy with sad grief to watch them age. One block from home we walked past the high school & felt that this beautifully wise sidewalk art below was a message from above... #citylife #findyouradventre #feelthefeels #doglife


Baby Benjamin & Baby Isaac

After sweeping his stunning Bride off her feet Nick and Elona have begun a life together in a sweet neighborhood in Princeton.  Elona & Nick were thrilled to discover that they were expecting.  The newly weds were then speechless with wonder when the news came that twins were on their way!  So much joy!  It was an honor to spend time with Baby Benjamin & Baby Isaac for their new born shoot.  The boys snuggled together, with mom & dad as Casper (the first baby, their sweet Lab) supervised the entire shoot next to me.  Casper made for a great second shooter!  A new born shoot is so special for never can the time just after birth be captured again for each baby grows and changes so quickly.  Words do not exist to describe the love, joy & contentment that came from Nick & Elona when they snuggled & talked about their boys.  Mom & Dad are a great team for they just laugh & roll with the challenges of two.  Congratulations Nick & Elona on the birth of Ben & Issac they are amazing!

Baby Simone - South Philadelphia

Simone arrived a few weeks early and her family could not have been more thrilled. New born 5lb Simone is Roger & Lessa's fourth baby & they could not be more smitten with the love that multiplied with her arrival.  We photographed her within the first week of life & she slept as the loud hum of the others buzzed around her.  This family has roots in California but their hearts have been formed with Philly love.  Life is a story, an adventure & the Dioxins are living it with glowing joy this summer.  Congratulations Dixion family Simone is breath taking!

Tips for Photographing your favorite people - Long Beach Island, NJ

Wendy & The Lost Boys (above)

Finally, it's summer! We're all are eager to vacate the hustle of everyday life and slip into the quiet of vacation.  I know our family craves it by the time our school year is over and the fact that work for us never seems to stop unless we leave it all behind.  The moments where were get uninterrupted time with our friends and family are the moments we want to capture to remember forever.  So, how do we do that?!

My very first photography teacher way back in high school started our class with "you should be able to take a good photo no matter what the camera. The story, and your care, are the frame that matters".  I've held onto that piece of wisdom ever since, so I wanted to pass along 3 tips for capturing photos of your family as you play this summer...

1.) Capture the Story.  I always want to have a story board of what's going on.  That means backing up & capturing the setting.  Step back & capture a wide-angle photo to set the story.  (Here, my crew is at the beach.)For candids you don't even need to say anything to those you're photographing- just snap as many photos as you can of the action that are close up or a few steps back.  You can go though & delete the ones you don't want later. Till now, for example, I haven't said anything to my kids about photos- I'm simply playing the part of photo journalist.  After the fun is done, just say "hey guys- let me grab a photo of you looking at me!" Since everyone is having a blast already, they lumped together and I snapped a portrait. My crew already thinks I take too many photos, so I save this request for the moment I really want to remember.  

2.) Clear away clutter!  If you have a moment, move those shovels, objects, trash, or extra toys out of the frame. Unless you're taking photos of action in a mess on purpose you want a clean area.  No one frames a cluttered photo.

3.) It's all about timing...  If there's one thing that the kids, babies, and families I've photographed over the years have taught me, it's that timing is everything. You stand a better chance capturing that timeless moment with a baby or a toddler, for example, after they've had a good nap or a meal- that way you're not forcing photos during a meltdown at the end of a day. On the other hand, big kids and adults may want their picture taken after the new adventure or big accomplishment; wait for the right moment, and don't miss it!

Bonus tip: Join the fun! Capturing great images of your family & friends is wonderful; but being a part of the experience is even better! So, don't forget to put down that phone, stash the camera, & join the fun! 

Mothers Day Bunny Shoot - Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

I had the honor of helping a few families celebrate mothers day with a sweet Blossoms and Bunnies Photo Shoot!  Kids and bunnies are an adventure of shear giggles and big smiles.  Young and old had a blast snuggling the sweetest bunnies as mamma watched and melted behind my shoulder as my camera snapped away.    The job of a mom is sweetly hard and it was a gift to just focus on the sweet in our photo shoots with the kids and teens.  Happy Mothers Day! 

Baby Clara - Chestertown, Maryland

Clara is finally here and everyone is so thrilled to snuggle her at last!  We did her new born shoot on her one month birthday!  I typically do new born shoots within the first 48 hours of life for they are just so sleepy  & make it a breeze to position them.  But a one month old baby will run the shoot and their is no one I would rather team up with to run a shoot then baby Clara!  Her bright blue eyes happily watched my shutter and she loved the chance to snuggle in with her big sister Hannah.  Clara is all about not missing out so when the chance came to listen to a story she could not help but slip into a deep sleep.  Ryan and Becca you are both amazing parents and handling the shift from one baby to two so beautifully.  Congrats over and over again on the new gift of Clara!  

Blossoms, Bow Ties & Bunnies Spring Mini Shoot - Philadelphia, South Jersey


Winter has lingered and overstayed his welcome, yet butter cups are pushing him out along with the song of the Robin.  To celebrate spring we are hosting Blossoms, Bow Ties & Bunnies Spring mini Shoot on Mat 12th in Philly & in May 19th in South Jersey.  Blossoms and Bunnies are included just add your cute kids (big or small) and you have the perfect mothers day gifts!

The Blossoms, Bow Ties & Bunnies Shoot will be a simple shoot with one location for a short period of time.  The bunnies are used to kids and are so sweet.  What is include in the Blossoms, Bow Ties & Bunnies Shoot is flower crowns, bunnies, shoot time,  professionally processed high resolution photos in an online gallery ready for you to download, share & print; all for $250.00. To book your session today by clicking here to talk with Monica about booking your shoot!

Be entered to win a free Mini shoot by Sharing and Liking our Blossoms, Bow Ties & Bunnies post on instagram at monicaayersphoto & on Facebook at Monica Ayers Photograph! Drawling will be done on April 12th!

Mr. & Mrs. Slaybaugh - Greystone Hall, West Chester Pa

Blake & Terra have so much to celebrate with their January wedding, a marriage and a new baby.  This Apple Orchard farmer could not stop smiling all day long.  Terra, a new mamma, was so light hearted and joyful that all their friends & family came to celebrate.   Greystone Hall framed in this cozy gathering & made for the perfect party.  Toasts were made, a stunning dinner was served, the baby was proudly held by new grandparents & the Bride & Groom took it all in so they would not forget.  Cheers to a beautiful start to your beautiful marriage & Family!