Main Line Philadelphia Vow Renewal - Steve and Vicki

Steve and Vicki have spent a quarter-centery writing their story together!  From that first look in college, through raising 4 kids, through joys and sorrows, their love has grown deep.  Steve wanted to celebrate their 25th with a surprise vow renewal ceremony for his beautiful bride.  When Steve called me to shoot the surprise, I couldn't say no!  Steve had every detail covered - and Vicki had no idea.  As family filled the pews, and the pianist played "Brown Eyed Girl," everyone chatted excitedly.

We dream of the wedding day: the dress, flowers, food, dancing, the guest list; but, in a blink, it's over.  This ceremony celebrated the chapters that come after the wedding day.  As Steve and Vicki spoke vows to each other again, tears filled many eyes, because these vows held the weight of 25 years.  Congrats, Steve and Vicki!