New Kindergartner, New School

Last night, I packed lunch for my oldest son's first day of school.  This, for me, was a landmark: I watched my mom quietly, lovingly wrap sandwiches and arrange lunchboxes through all my school years.  Now, it is my turn; I'm someone's mom, piecing together a lunch for a day that promises fresh discoveries, defining moments, new friends - and new failures and frustrations.

I texted my mom a picture of the sandwich - the same sliced ham and cheese on a Martin's roll that she prepared for years.  Mom's response: "after all these years it still brings a flood of you make each lunch, use the time to pray for each kid. xoxo".  The realization that Mom prayed for me nightly as she packed each lunch washed over me with overwhelming force.  It's my turn: my turn to let go, again, and to pray for my son so that he should walk in the way he should go.  Congratulations Brennan - I'm so proud of you!

Today was Brennan's first day of school; today was also Brennan's school's first day of school.  He attends a brand-new school started by members of our church: Philadelphia Classical School.  This newly-launched school hopes to serve the educational needs of our city by immersing children in an academic experience that values the arts, explores the cultural riches of our storied town, matures wise, critical thinking, and shapes a child's faith.  Cheers to the staff of PCS!  Check them out at