Cooking with Friends - Long Beach Island, NJ

Cooking with friends makes you family!  Jared and I host people for dinner at least once a week- it's what we do. We are people who call ourselves Christians, so we love hospitality.  We're a part of an unofficial supper club that features many friends, good cocktails, amazing food.  This supper club welcomes different folks to the table every time we convene- those who are around at the moment. We all joke we would rather stay in and and cook together.  We were told when preparing to move to Philly to start a church community that we would be lonely, and I remember whispering, "please don't let us be lonely!"  The good Lord has kept on answering that prayer for 9 years now with fish taco dinners by the bay, porch extravaganzas, kitchen table long sessions with people who know the worst parts of you and like you anyway.  Grateful.