My past becomes their present - Chestertown MD, Farm

I am a farm girl and moving to downtown Philadelphia has not changed that!  My three kids are more street smart at ages 5, 8 and 9 then I am in my mid 30s and I am so proud of that.  I loved my childhood so much, listening to dad talk about crops, how hard they worked, the adventures of animals getting loose and always being invited into what was going on; and, Mom and Dad (now "Oma and Pappy" to my kids) still invite us all into the adventure.  These city kids are also fluent in "farm".  We spend a few weeks on the farm every summer, and today was corn day!  Only 25 dozen this year and yet it is still a 10 hour day of picking (or "stalking" as my daughter says), husking, silking, creaming and canning.  The kids fought against the early start time just like I did as a kid- but, I know they loved the chance to work along side Oma & Pappy just as I did.  I took my camra into the field to help me remember today.  Rae Ann and I finished the day with a muddy 4 wheeler ride.  Cheers to dirt and joy found in it!