Sergeant Tamara Carrol -Wilmington Delaware

Former Sergeant of Marines Tamara (Chalby) Carroll is a veteran who embodies courage, strength and wisdom.  Sergeant Chalby is a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Marines.        .   Tamara is still close with her unit and still grieves the loss of friends whom she and her unit served along side of.  I asked Tamara if she would encourage her daughters and new son to serve and she responded with so much joy "YES! Absolutely.  My experienced built my character and gave me a vision beyond myself.." Tamara is now serving the community as a school Psychologist and is enjoying leave for a little bit doing her favorite thing, being mamma to her three kids.  Anyone who knows her will tell you that her gift to the would is laughter, wisdom and encouragement.  Thank you for sharing those gifts with everyone you served with on your tour!  I was honored to photograph Tamara and sweet Malcolm and capture this Veteran in her story of today!  Thank you to ALL of our Veterans!