The Farmer and His Wife - Chestertown MD

Mr. Abe & Mrs. Sarah Zeiset are my grandparents.  They are 85, grew up during the great depression, went to school till the 3rd grade and from there took on their own family business of farming.  Grandma and Grandpa have grown a small hobby farm into a working, growing thriving 11,000-1500 acre grain farm along with my Dad, Eric and now brother Ryan.  Those who were born in the years 1920-45 are labeled the Forgotten Generation.  I can not see why, for my grandparents enabled the world of farming to grow from hoses to tractors with 112HP, are entrepreneur pioneers, make the worlds best breads and pies, and can tell stories of old better then anyone. So when they asked to have their picture taken by me they did not know I was going to milk my time with them and do a whole portrait session.  As you can see they just laughed and laughed as i encouraged them though "1000 photos" as grandma put it!  My kids are blessed to have 3 sets of Great Grandparents.  All 3 are worth taking "1000" photos of!