Joy to the New Year from Us! - Philadelphia Pa

My family are my favorite people!  Yet as the kids get older life has picked up speed, my camera captures less candid photos of them playing for they are out, and they are constantly to busy with whats at hand to let me sneak a pic.  When our kids are toddling around thousands of photos take up our camera/phone of our babies for they are an extension of us & always with us.   I love that my kids are growing into big kids who have their own passions, thoughts and friends to run around the neighborhood with.  Part of my remembering life today is making sure Jared and I get a formal family portrait of the 5 of us.  Does it always go well...nope.  Thats ok, for life is not a perfect portrait! My kids wanted to do a silly photo for our card. Yes!  They are so creative!  Jared is a writer & I love how he can sum up our year simply.   When ever you have the chance to have professional photos taken make sure you get the candids of your favorite people playing,  along with a formal of the whole family and each kid alone.  If someone is not into it do not pressure them and roll with it!  For one day your children will be thankful for it.  Joy to the World!!!

Special thanks to Tootsie & Marie for designing amazing card!