Baby Clara - Chestertown, Maryland

Clara is finally here and everyone is so thrilled to snuggle her at last!  We did her new born shoot on her one month birthday!  I typically do new born shoots within the first 48 hours of life for they are just so sleepy  & make it a breeze to position them.  But a one month old baby will run the shoot and their is no one I would rather team up with to run a shoot then baby Clara!  Her bright blue eyes happily watched my shutter and she loved the chance to snuggle in with her big sister Hannah.  Clara is all about not missing out so when the chance came to listen to a story she could not help but slip into a deep sleep.  Ryan and Becca you are both amazing parents and handling the shift from one baby to two so beautifully.  Congrats over and over again on the new gift of Clara!