Baby Benjamin & Baby Isaac

After sweeping his stunning Bride off her feet Nick and Elona have begun a life together in a sweet neighborhood in Princeton.  Elona & Nick were thrilled to discover that they were expecting.  The newly weds were then speechless with wonder when the news came that twins were on their way!  So much joy!  It was an honor to spend time with Baby Benjamin & Baby Isaac for their new born shoot.  The boys snuggled together, with mom & dad as Casper (the first baby, their sweet Lab) supervised the entire shoot next to me.  Casper made for a great second shooter!  A new born shoot is so special for never can the time just after birth be captured again for each baby grows and changes so quickly.  Words do not exist to describe the love, joy & contentment that came from Nick & Elona when they snuggled & talked about their boys.  Mom & Dad are a great team for they just laugh & roll with the challenges of two.  Congratulations Nick & Elona on the birth of Ben & Issac they are amazing!