Happy New Year - Independence Mall, Philadelphia Pa

2018 was a mile-marker year: this year the Ayers family celebrated 10 years in Philadelphia, & it’s been a decade of grace & abventute. Our family here is framed by history, full of wonder, & connected deeply to this living breathing place. This year our family has pursued passions & made memories & started new adventures. We have loved family bike rides through out the city, cheered on the kids at gymnastics, wrestling, soccer and baseball. Our row home stoop is buzzing with neighborhood friends and trips to get water ice. My passion for story telling trough photographs only deepens for in moments like these I like to look back. As we look to a new year and a new adventure, from our home to yours Happy New Year!

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📸Kristland Damazo thank you dear friend for letting a fellow photographer just enjoy, cherish & be apart of her own family shoot!