Baby Clara - Chestertown, Maryland

Clara is finally here and everyone is so thrilled to snuggle her at last!  We did her new born shoot on her one month birthday!  I typically do new born shoots within the first 48 hours of life for they are just so sleepy  & make it a breeze to position them.  But a one month old baby will run the shoot and their is no one I would rather team up with to run a shoot then baby Clara!  Her bright blue eyes happily watched my shutter and she loved the chance to snuggle in with her big sister Hannah.  Clara is all about not missing out so when the chance came to listen to a story she could not help but slip into a deep sleep.  Ryan and Becca you are both amazing parents and handling the shift from one baby to two so beautifully.  Congrats over and over again on the new gift of Clara!  

Blossoms, Bow Ties & Bunnies Spring Mini Shoot - Philadelphia, South Jersey


Winter has lingered and overstayed his welcome, yet butter cups are pushing him out along with the song of the Robin.  To celebrate spring we are hosting Blossoms, Bow Ties & Bunnies Spring mini Shoot on Mat 12th in Philly & in May 19th in South Jersey.  Blossoms and Bunnies are included just add your cute kids (big or small) and you have the perfect mothers day gifts!

The Blossoms, Bow Ties & Bunnies Shoot will be a simple shoot with one location for a short period of time.  The bunnies are used to kids and are so sweet.  What is include in the Blossoms, Bow Ties & Bunnies Shoot is flower crowns, bunnies, shoot time,  professionally processed high resolution photos in an online gallery ready for you to download, share & print; all for $250.00. To book your session today by clicking here to talk with Monica about booking your shoot!

Be entered to win a free Mini shoot by Sharing and Liking our Blossoms, Bow Ties & Bunnies post on instagram at monicaayersphoto & on Facebook at Monica Ayers Photograph! Drawling will be done on April 12th!

Mr. & Mrs. Slaybaugh - Greystone Hall, West Chester Pa

Blake & Terra have so much to celebrate with their January wedding, a marriage and a new baby.  This Apple Orchard farmer could not stop smiling all day long.  Terra, a new mamma, was so light hearted and joyful that all their friends & family came to celebrate.   Greystone Hall framed in this cozy gathering & made for the perfect party.  Toasts were made, a stunning dinner was served, the baby was proudly held by new grandparents & the Bride & Groom took it all in so they would not forget.  Cheers to a beautiful start to your beautiful marriage & Family!

WineLaLa - Philadelphia Pa

WineLaLa is an amazing company that takes the idea of a wine club to the next level. Owner and Sommeliar Noelle Allen thrives off of learning, traveling to discover amazing new wines and educating us all on the  aspects of wine.  It was an honor to work with Noelle on WineLaLa's stylized shoot. WineLaLa travels to the top vineyards in Europe, Portugal, Canada, United states and many other regions in search of new favorites.  Noelle's passion is to learn your palate and find you wines that you are proud to serve at your best party or when you are solo having a quiet evening in.  Click here to discover more about WineLaLa and join their unique wine club.  Cheers!

Special thanks to the The Mission Taqueria for an amazing backdrop for the shoot!

Mr. & Mrs. Dunmire - Newtown Square Pa

Troy and Rebecca have shared so many joys together since they have left college as sweet hearts.  Life has taken them all over the world and a happy addition to living and loving so many places is that their lives have been filled with so many amazing friends who are like family!  Troy and Rebecca made a home where they can thrive, so naturally they wanted to celebrate with friends in their neighborhood of Liseter in Newtown Square.  This amazing couple wanted to not only have a wedding, they envisioned a night of fireworks, dancing, amazing food & drink framed by amazing music, games & fun for their youngest guests,  all to thank their friends and family for being apart of their lives.  Mr. & Mrs. Dunmire said their vows as fireworks sealed their first kiss as man and wife.  They were amazing hosts to all their guests from near and far.  Congratulations again and again Troy and Rebecca!

Special Thanks to Dunmire Creative Team:  30 Main Events, Alexandria Catherine Events, Clays Creative Corner Bakery, Coast 2 Coast Band, 360 Video Booth


Joy to the New Year from Us! - Philadelphia Pa

My family are my favorite people!  Yet as the kids get older life has picked up speed, my camera captures less candid photos of them playing for they are out, and they are constantly to busy with whats at hand to let me sneak a pic.  When our kids are toddling around thousands of photos take up our camera/phone of our babies for they are an extension of us & always with us.   I love that my kids are growing into big kids who have their own passions, thoughts and friends to run around the neighborhood with.  Part of my remembering life today is making sure Jared and I get a formal family portrait of the 5 of us.  Does it always go well...nope.  Thats ok, for life is not a perfect portrait! My kids wanted to do a silly photo for our card. Yes!  They are so creative!  Jared is a writer & I love how he can sum up our year simply.   When ever you have the chance to have professional photos taken make sure you get the candids of your favorite people playing,  along with a formal of the whole family and each kid alone.  If someone is not into it do not pressure them and roll with it!  For one day your children will be thankful for it.  Joy to the World!!!

Special thanks to Tootsie & Marie for designing amazing card!

The Farmer and His Wife - Chestertown MD

Mr. Abe & Mrs. Sarah Zeiset are my grandparents.  They are 85, grew up during the great depression, went to school till the 3rd grade and from there took on their own family business of farming.  Grandma and Grandpa have grown a small hobby farm into a working, growing thriving 11,000-1500 acre grain farm along with my Dad, Eric and now brother Ryan.  Those who were born in the years 1920-45 are labeled the Forgotten Generation.  I can not see why, for my grandparents enabled the world of farming to grow from hoses to tractors with 112HP, are entrepreneur pioneers, make the worlds best breads and pies, and can tell stories of old better then anyone. So when they asked to have their picture taken by me they did not know I was going to milk my time with them and do a whole portrait session.  As you can see they just laughed and laughed as i encouraged them though "1000 photos" as grandma put it!  My kids are blessed to have 3 sets of Great Grandparents.  All 3 are worth taking "1000" photos of!

Sergeant Tamara Carrol -Wilmington Delaware

Former Sergeant of Marines Tamara (Chalby) Carroll is a veteran who embodies courage, strength and wisdom.  Sergeant Chalby is a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Marines.        .   Tamara is still close with her unit and still grieves the loss of friends whom she and her unit served along side of.  I asked Tamara if she would encourage her daughters and new son to serve and she responded with so much joy "YES! Absolutely.  My experienced built my character and gave me a vision beyond myself.." Tamara is now serving the community as a school Psychologist and is enjoying leave for a little bit doing her favorite thing, being mamma to her three kids.  Anyone who knows her will tell you that her gift to the would is laughter, wisdom and encouragement.  Thank you for sharing those gifts with everyone you served with on your tour!  I was honored to photograph Tamara and sweet Malcolm and capture this Veteran in her story of today!  Thank you to ALL of our Veterans!  


October Mini Sessions - Philadelphia Art Museum

October is an amazing month every year!  The rush of starting school and ending summer is finished, the weather wins us over from those hot summer days and we start to to think about the holidays.  So once a year on a warm day in October I do mini shoots for those wanting a simple shoot to capture what this year looked like for them.  I spent half a day with many amazing Philadelphia residents on the Art Museum steps capturing formal portraits and candids photographs.  Enjoy a few photographs from our October Mini Shoots.  It's never to late to have photos taken of your story so please reach out to me under the "Lets talk" tab to set up your own journalistic shoot today!